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Nowadays having hand sanitizers is a good practice. Especially considering the pandemic stage we are experiencing.

Having a portable container of hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket not only helps you stay safe, but also allows you to help others stay healthy.

In case of not having soap and water

Although the most effective way to keep your hands completely clean is to wash them with soap and water, we cannot always have these items on hand. That is why it is recommended that you carry a hand sanitizer with you.

The most recommended disinfectant is one that contains at least 60% alcohol. This composition is the most effective to avoid getting sick and to avoid the transmission of germs.

Hand sanitizers with a concentration of between 60% and 95% alcohol are the most effective for your protection, according to studies. These can quickly minimize the number of bacteria and microbes on your hands.

Use hand sanitizer correctly

For the use of hand sanitizers to be effective, you must apply them correctly. You must use the appropriate amount, leave it on for the right time and apply it correctly on your hands.

Experts recommend that you use it by following these guidelines:

• Check the product label to know the amount you should apply in each use.
• Apply the disinfectant to the palm of one hand and proceed to rub it over the entire surface of both hands.
• Let the product act until it dries.
• Avoid washing it or removing it from your hands if it is still damp.

Protect yourself and stay safe by sanitizing your hands

Today you can find endless options on the market when it comes to hand sanitizers. Select the most suitable one according to the recommendations of the experts, and take it with you every time you leave home.

This is a very effective way to take care of your health, and the health of your family, friends, and co-workers.

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