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These days, we mail and give gifts more frequently than ever. While receiving a bag at your door is usually a wonderful experience, we believe we can make it even more enjoyable. It’s simple to express creativity and share your creation with others by sending presents to your loved ones. They convey your concern. This may be the reason why the custom of giving and receiving presents has endured through the years. Giving gifts may become magical with the right package. A gift package that contains a variety of themed products might bring more joy than the sum of its parts. Perhaps this is so because gift bundles show that you know and care about the recipient well enough to select a wide range of items that reflect their needs, preferences, and personalities.

Want some chic suggestions for sending gifts that arrive safely and in big style? You do, of course. We’ve compiled a list of enjoyable and hassle-free methods to send gifts, from cushioning your item to embellishing the exterior packaging.

How to Ship Using Poly Mailers: What You Should Know

Poly mailers are increasingly used for shipping in the online retail sector. Learn how to reduce costs by using this strong, lightweight packaging. Lightweight, strong plastic bags called poly mailers are made for shipping products that aren’t too fragile and aren’t too heavy. They are an excellent substitute for ordinary packaging. Because they are reasonably priced and take up less room on carriers’ vans while en route, they assist eCommerce sellers in reducing packaging and shipping expenses.

Custom 6 X 9 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags, Custom 9 X 12 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags


Online retailers frequently undervalue the branding power of e-commerce packaging, even though, especially in the last months of the year, it may have a huge impact on customer awareness and retention. December is a particularly strong month for sales for many merchants. Therefore, the entire purchasing process is executed flawlessly, and you must be prepared to handle shipping, customer support, and all other aspects of your online business. But getting ready for the holidays also requires using several packing solutions that are safe and persuasive to the customer. Beyond all else, if a New Year present is intended to be opened with the eagerness to see what is inside right away, you must be sure to present it with packaging that distinguishes your brand rather than with nondescript packaging that will right away go in the rubbish.

Custom 10 X 13 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags, Custom 7.5 X 12 Inch Poly Mailer Shipping Bags


Storytelling Wrapping: Provide A Wonderful Purchasing Experience

Let’s think about the purchasing experience and its connection to the New Year before moving on to concrete advice for high-impact packing. As previously stated, December sees a significant boost in your online sales. As a result, many of your current clients will return, and you might even attract some new ones. Because of this, the New Year in 2023 might be a great moment to redesign your packaging. You can use sustainable packaging or branded sticky tape to keep your brand in the minds of your customers long after they finish their holiday shopping. You can use blank poly mailer self-sealing mailing bags for common shipping services, they are waterproof and tearproof, and each poly mailer pack has 100 pieces. suitable for lightweight product packaging or clothing. You can choose from a range of sizes on our website, from 6 x 9 inches to 24 x 24 inches, depending on your shipment’s demands.

6 X 9 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 7.5 x 12 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 9 x 12 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 10 x 13 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags


Another important factor to consider is the possibility of making both the gift’s purchaser and its recipient happy by employing high-impact New Year’s packaging. But how can the packaging for the New Year in 2023 be truly one-of-a-kind and tailored? Let’s examine this issue together. Visit our website to choose the blank poly mailer self-sealing mailing bags that are most appropriate for your shipment and to learn more if you want to immediately obtain all of them for the packaging of your online purchases.

11 x 16.5 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 12 x 15.5 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 14.5 x 19 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 17.5 x 23.5 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags


Plastic Wrapping Engaging: Using Cost-Effective Packaging

Drop shipping is all about saving money, and the New Year packaging you choose will affect how much it costs to deliver your products to the customer’s door. Retailers must lower transportation costs if they want to see a good return on their customer acquisition efforts. Choosing the appropriate shipping packaging that will shield goods from harm in transit and is reasonably priced is one approach to this. For sending garments and other valuable stuff, blank poly mailers are great because they are secure and cost-effective. For this reason, blank poly mailers have become quite well-liked in the online shipping sector as a practical substitute for conventional packing. They make it possible for online sellers to balance carefully protecting the goods of customers with lowering delivery costs.

19 x 24 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 21.5 x 25.5 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 23.5 x 31.5 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags, 24 x 24 Inch Blank Poly Mailer Self-Sealing Shipping Bags


High Impact Packaging: Mailer Boxes

What are the benefits of shipping in a big box? Surely wrapping the merchandise in ribbons and stickers will better protect it. In other words, it is simple to create a special moment when opening a gift when the box is enormous. Create a gift box for your loved ones this New Year using this customized box, and use these mailer boxes to instill clients’ affection for your business. Introduce innovative packaging, like our custom full-color mailer boxes, to revitalize your company. You are free to post any kind of artwork you like, including your creations, company logos, and other images. It might all come together if you fill the inside of the box with trinkets that match the color scheme and theme. Please be aware that it is not advised to place any liquids inside the box.

Custom Full Color Mailer Boxes



If you want to take advantage of all the sales chances in the last months of the year, the packaging is vital, but it’s not the only thing. Not enough to get your e-commerce forward will be the packaging alone. However, you “encourage” your customers to purchase on your online shop before they can appreciate your packaging. This piece is a part of a set of suggestions for both online retailers and personal gifting. Get a quote right away! Call us at 1-855-711-4467 to speak with a live person, or leave a message below.

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