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Pool Parties

Summer is coming and warmer temperatures means to plan your next pool party. You might invite a large group of guests and friends mixed with adults and kids. So, your staff should verify your guests, check their age, and a lot of more. But before you begin, there are items you need to prepare to make sure you organize everything. We’ve put a list for you to remember.  So, keep the party simple and well prepared so that everyone can enjoy without problems.

Custom Wristbands and Tyvek Wristbands “i.e. in-stock pool pass wristbands,” “under 21 wristbands”

Pool_Party Tyvek Wristbands -

Event wristbands are important to cluster your guests. Through its color and design, wearing wristbands are also essential to verify age before serving alcohol.

For You and Your Staff

Guest must follow rules and certain requirements within the party. Your staff needs to organize everyone and it should not be difficult. Issuing event wristbands to certain attendees helps your staff identify certain things.

If someone below of legal age is in the alcohol area, your staff can glance his wrist quickly. Even if the guests could overwhelm the place, you can notice them.
Another example, issuing wristbands can replace food stabs, identifications and entrance ticket. You don’t need to make several prints for each. So, It can save you some money.

For More Details: Browse Customized Tyveks

Custom Shot Glass

Pool_Party_Shot_Glasses -

If there’re alcohols, shot glasses favors a big day. Shot glasses are light, simple and popular. it won’t shatter even If accidentally dropped on a hard pool deck. It’s handy most of the time.
Also, pool party should not be boring and plain right? So, it’s a great idea to design your shot glasses with your own creativity. If you had giveaways or souvenirs after the party, shot glasses are good.

For More Details: Check Out Cool Shot Glasses

Custom T-shirts/ Tank Tops

Pool_Party TShirts -

People love to go for a swim and party in Summer days. So, provide the most comfortable wear on heat. One of them are tank tops and white t-shirts. it’s even better when you see your guests wearing the shirts with designs you’ve customized. You can also provide for your staffs instead of formal attires.

Consider food stains and spills which are easier to clean the shirts afterwards. They’re comfortable and convenient all the time. More simple and fun.

If you plan to give as a souvenir, customized shirts and tank tops are best items. There’re loads of new design options to print before your pool party begins. Check out the most stylish and affordable prints options here.

For More Details: Make Your Own T-Shirts Now

Custom Lanyards — “i.e. Lifeguard”

Pool_Party Lanyards -

Lanyards are not just promotional items but also for security. When hiring over 5 people to manage your large parties, everyone should display their ID badges with customized lanyards. You can identify if any unauthorized individual enters your pool party. Thorough security preparation can save a lot of hassles.

Your guests also need to identify your staff wearing lanyards with just a quick glance.

For More Info: Send your own Lanyard Designs 

Custom Can-Coolers / Custom Bottle Can-Coolers

Pool_Party Can Coolers -

Never forget to serve ice-cold beverage and juices. Drinks are popular on any pool parties. So, it is essential to keep them cold and handy with can-coolers. Even better if you serve them with your customized designs right?

For More Info: Don’t forget to customize your own Can Coolies!

Custom Shaped Bottle Openers

Pool_Party Bottle Openers-

Any occasion, bottle openers are essential not only for opening bottles but can also represent the occasion. Presenting your brand within bottle openers is a smart to do.  Your guests will remember your event even more. So, customize them with your own design.

For More Info: Open your bottles now!

To summarize the list, you need the following items:

  1. Customized Wristbands and Tyvek Wristbands
  2. Customized Shot glasses
  3. Customized T-shirts and Tank Tops
  4. Customized Lanyards
  5. Customized Can-Coolers
  6.  Customized Shaped Bottle Openers

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