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There’s no one right answer. Your choice of photos, the size of your cutouts, and the product or service you are offering will all affect your decision. Big head cutouts is fun and the only medium that allows you to go into great details with the facial details. Clear copy has one advantage. It appeals to the audiences are likely to look on the big face.
Websites such as 24HourWristBand or Imprint, in particular, are sources that people look for information and quality outputs. If you add big head cutouts, informative and displaying it within the radius of your store is very effective to catch people’s attention.

Big Head Cutouts As Your Brochure

Why not? A single copy and effective way to get the attention you needed from the people walks around you is best. The cutouts are nearly a brochure, or more than that. Point by point, it delivers the whole persona and emotions from your printed face. The large photo leads you through the store and gives you an idea of the product if used properly. With this print, it could use a stronger call to action at the end. As a marketing strategy for a company introducing an event, ambassador, and innovative product, this ad is preferable. Long copy telling the whole story will generate interest and bring better-qualified prospects into the store.

Big Head Cutout is extreme. It is an excellent example of ad the works for its particular purpose. However, you will probably not put quite this much copy on your ad. Do you customers need to be persuaded to know that they need your product? Your Big Head cutouts should give them all the information they need, in as much details as necessary. Even in a single and clear photo of one’s face.

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