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When returning to class, one of the most important accessories to consider is the bag in which you will transport your school supplies and other belongings. In this sense, tote bags or drawstring bags are an excellent alternative.

Both types of bags are very practical, spacious, useful, and can considerably facilitate the transport of your things.



Drawstring bags: a lightweight and very useful option

The drawstring bags are very easy to carry, they are light and when you are not using them you can fold them up and store them almost anywhere.

There are many reusable, biodegradable, and recyclable models. So if you opt for one of these models you will be contributing to the environment, while you go to school.

These bags are generally made of cotton fabric, of high quality, and great resistance. They are ideal for carrying all your belongings, even your heavy books.

If you practice sports, they are also very practical to wear your sports clothes and shoes.

On the other hand, if you wish, you can personalize your tote bag with a phrase, image, or logo of your liking.



The tote bags: versatile and spacious

Totebags are bags with a very spacious design, so they are ideal for carrying a large number of things. In this type of bag, you can accommodate all your books, pencils, notebooks, and other belongings.

They are usually made with canvas, a highly durable and resistant fabric made with cotton and linen. Its design with a large opening at the top, allows you to put and access your things with ease. And so you can carry it without any problem, it has two strong handles.

On the other hand, its seams are durable allowing you to carry up to ten pounds maximum in most models.

Additionally, the tote bags can be personalized and you can find a large number of models on the market today.

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