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Back to school is always full of excitement. It is a new opportunity to organize your school supplies, notebooks, pencils, pens, and everything else you will need during your studies. And what better detail than to customize your pens this year.

Your notebooks and books can be easily identified with a label that has your name and information written on them, but with pens, it is something else.

Customize your pens with style

Using pens with an impression that distinguishes them from others, and also unequivocally identifies them as yours, is something truly unique and dazzling.

To distinguish your writing tools, you can choose to create a logo with the initials of your name, embody your signature in an abbreviated format, place your initials, or simply your name. What you want and identify, can be captured on the surface of your pens this school year.

You just have to come up with what you will use to customize your pens and to impress your classmates.

Select high-quality pens

For the personalization work to be good, the pens must be made with high-quality materials and great resistance.

Printing must be accurate and gloss inks can be used for this. High precision laser engraving is one of the best alternatives, and it works perfectly on metal surfaces. So you should make sure to choose your writing instruments very well, and if they are made of stainless steel they will be much better.

Another aspect that you should consider when selecting pens is the quality of your writing, the color of the ink, and if it moves smoothly on the paper while you write.

If the pen has a rubber grip, so much the better. This will give you a better level of stability when writing. You must also validate that its tip is resistant and that its ink does not overflow.

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