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The majority of tote bags are built to last and, with proper care, can withstand years of use. If you want something you know is not only made of quality materials but will last you for years to come, investing in a quality tote bag is a great choice. The love of a free gift among wedding guests is well known. Most people go to at least a few weddings a year, so the more unique and memorable, the better! One of the hottest new trends for wedding guest appreciation presents is tote bags. What is the appeal of these bags? They are helpful! They can be used by your guests to store anything from groceries to pool towels and everything in between after your special event for many years to come.


Bridal tote bags

Choose from any one of these six wedding tote bags, which are ideal as a welcome gift and will help you keep the memory of your special day alive forever.


Cotton Grocery Tote Bags

This is the ideal way to greet visitors who may show up at the location of your wedding to express gratitude for taking the time to attend despite their hectic schedules. The grocery tote bag’s larger size makes it ideal for carrying necessities and serves as a convenient and reusable substitute for plastic shopping bags.


Small Gift Bag Totes

The Small Tote bag is a little, lightweight tote bag that’s fashionable for everyday use and ideal for wedding favors. These little but mighty tote bag have enough room for a nice welcome note, a water bottle, some candies or snacks, and a few other favors.

Casual Tote Bag

Stylish and long-lasting wedding favors? The Casual Tote Bags are the ideal favors to offer guests at a wedding reception! Guests can transport all of their belongings in these lightweight tote bags. Substantial enough for everyone to pack their essentials in a single bag.


Two Tone Tote Bags

Finding a tote that can hold wine, or any of your favorite beverages for that matter, isn’t always simple. However, the Two Tone Tote  from Wedding Tote Bags will stand out at any wedding. These two tone totes are available in numerous designs arrangements. Excellent for a Vineyard location!


Medium Exhibition Tote Bags

No matter the setting, whether it be an outdoor beach wedding or a sophisticated, elegant hotel ballroom, classic styling always looks great. The Medium Exhibition Tote Bags is a favorite among brides because of its adaptability and surprising capacity. Your guests will enjoy carrying them as they are appropriate snacks, beverages, candles, and candies.


Cotton Drawstring Bags


This can be used in so many different ways, drawstring bag make excellent wedding favors and welcome bags. Think about making the bags unique to add that special touch. Of course, include some necessary treats in each bag. This one is sure to impress with them!




There are many different tote bag designs, but these are just a few. Many others would look fantastic at your wedding or other event.

Contact us if you need help deciding which wedding tote bags are best for your special occasion or you may drop your details below. We are pleased to help you at every stage of the design process!

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