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Whenever your design firm or graphic artist is hired to do customized mugs for someone or Halloween parties. I can bet that you’ll soon be doing marketing strategy for your brand. About the time you get to that customized mug design items, somebody says,” I like that one, but how will it look on the actual print?” So you have to look for a good printing company that offers quality print design as a good service. Look on our page.

In this blog post, it is not a place to go into many theories about what mug designs should look like, or what makes your Halloween themes good or bad. However, these two thoughts stand out. Your customized mugs should function easily for those who use it, and it should be appropriate to the style of your brand marketing.

Here is what I mean by functionality. If you make mugs, don’t design a mug with too much color elements, especially with very thin lines. You’ll always be bumping into it as you print out mugs and you’ll waste time and materials. Another functional issue, if you prefer more colors, tell your printer that. Some colorful designs work nicely with your mugs but it will cost you more.  Test some designs and collaborate with your designer before you place your order.

Additionally make sure you’re in conformity with copyright regulations. Especially if you’re putting a popular character from movies or animations.

Mug tags are the essentials for mug designs for your Halloween. They work the hardest for you, traveling far beyond your range to communicate about you and your theme. Putting your personal message for the person will make him feel importances than the event. Some people would disagree with me on this, but here’s my experience. You meet a person. You give your mugs; it depends on the context but in most situations you’re more likely to recall that give-aways by name, colors and over designs than by company name. The person also remembers the event where he got the mug. Each tag with your personal message should make it super-easy to create.

There’s a last element of mug Halloween design that makes a nice finishing touch.  The mug boxes. Some companies just use plastic wraps, other’s Japanese papers with a ribbon. There’s a good reason to have a customized mug box. You put more presentations and great packaging.

Put these designs together and you’ll find that you need some kind of package. Some companies go for little toys inside the mugs. Other firms opt for small cards with inserts. Sometimes these inserts are small so that the title of each can appear.

Let us know if you have mug printing needs and we are happy to assist you.

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