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Sometimes timing alone will act as a variable in your St. Patrick’s ad banners response. If you’re in a pubs business with a style niche or a quick-turning drink and boose, you’re probably in the local newspapers on a nearly quarterly basis or sometimes annually. But professionally, you can do it just almost weekly via social media. You can re-shape with your St. Patrick’s core message and see results quickly, without fear that a change of seasons has skewed your response. But if you’re a provider of the restaurant or drink products and services, for example, you face a tougher challenge in customers. You probably have fewer media outlets to choose from. Perhaps a city magazine or the weekly business section of the local paper.

Since consistency of image is important in selling these types of services like menus or top selling drinks, tinkering with the components of your ad strategy will be a much more subtle, more long-term activity for you. And finally, there’s the sheer randomness of life to take into account. People selling customized napkins, can coolies and shot glasses supplies booms before a very important season like St. Patrick’s Day. It has very little to do with their advertising.

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