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The internet is one of the best places to order t-shirts, next to the physical stores in traditional trade. The moment the customers buy an item, the tees have something valuable to offer. That value is not about the price tag or overly marketed commercials because nowadays, that won’t work anymore. Customers are more intelligent, and beyond smarter than ever before because of the internet era. People have various checklists to ensure that “you” made quality t-shirts from quality materials. Or else, your company will suffer from angry reviews on social media and techy word-of-mouth online. Which you don’t want to happen.

Since boutiques embraced online selling and became the popular choice for many entrepreneurs, customers might need to break the digital wall before shopping. It means, your buyers cannot touch or smell your tees on their phones or PC. They completely rely on complete details, quality photos, and accurate sizes. So, you have to provide information which educating your buyers about the item. Not just writing all details on sizes, fit, materials, or weight, understand that because t-shirts may look the same, (ex. colors or dimensions) but they don’t provide the same goal and performance.

People buy it because they know “why”.

What is the “Why”s?

  1. Comfort – people love comfort.
  2. Age – designs matter even it is subjective
  3. Status – wealth and power sometimes involve in buying
  4. Geography – white t-shirts are good in a warm location, not black
  5. Quality – everyone loves it
  6. People / Media – it’s the trend.

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