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Personalized coasters are a staple of events big and small, and one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver your message to friends, family, and potential customers. While you might not be neglecting the place of coasters in the events you’re hosting, you might be underestimating the possibilities of using personalized coasters. After you’ve laid out the spread for the event you’re hosting, complete your decorative touches by adding custom coasters for the event.

Unlike many other party favors or decorations, coasters are completely recyclable, and they help safeguard your house, place of business, or rental property by shielding tabletop surfaces from moisture damage brought on by liquids. Here are some ideas for incorporating customized coasters into your upcoming occasion, get-together, or holiday party.

Personalized Wedding Coasters

With good reason, weddings are one of the most popular occasions for personalized coasters. Their level of decoration and customization is exceptional, and this uniqueness extends even to the coasters that guests use while attending. With numerous beverage stations during your cocktail hour or reception, there are many occasions to employ custom wedding coasters, and the possibilities for wording are endless. Wedding coasters that are personalized offer the chance to add a festive touch and a sentimental statement or image that fits the wedding’s theme or décor. Adding your name and the names of your spouse, the date of your wedding, or a portion of your vows to your personalized wedding coasters could make them feel more commemorative. You might mention interesting details or information about your union, such as how long you’ve been dating, odd customs you share, and more.

3.75 Inch Round Cork Back Photo Coasters

Including blank lines on the coaster with a message inviting guests to leave some words of wisdom or congrats for the happy couple is another popular option for personalized wedding coasters. The completed coasters serve as a practical (and original) keepsake for the newlyweds. Including the hashtag on your personalized wedding coasters is a terrific way to keep it in your guests’ heads, especially once the drinks start flowing if you’re using a wedding hashtag to encourage them to share photographs on social media. To make it easier for attendees to remember whose table they are sitting at, you could also use custom coasters. Customized wedding coasters allow you as much personalization as you desire.

Paper Coasters – 3.5″ Round


Personalized Coasters for Dinner Party

Banquets are a common occasion for ornamental coasters, whether it’s for your business, your softball league, your child’s class at school, a club, or any other occasion. Here are a few typical suggestions to get you started, although the personalization may vary based on the event. Personalized coasters are a wonderful opportunity for a class or club end-of-year celebration for your youngster. Think about adding milestones from the school year or season, expressing gratitude to sponsors and teachers, or using class or club accolades to personalize coasters.

Pulpboard Coasters – 3.5″ Round

Similar personalized coasters could be used for a company event, depending on the subject or purpose of the special event, to provide information about the firm’s success, recognize specific employees, or do something a little more fun.  You can use personalized coasters for a sports team or league, either for you or your kids, to recognize players, and highlight certain season highlights like the team with the most victories, game scores, or any other pertinent highlights.

Pulpboard Coasters – 3.5″ Square


Personalized Coasters for Birthday Party

Depending on the birthday person and the topic or style of the party, customized birthday party coasters may be used in a variety of ways. Use the birthday person’s favorite memories from each year of their life to create personalized coasters. a task that could be made a little simpler for birthday celebrations honoring young individuals. Although it may be done for birthdays of many ages, putting favorite memories on coasters is an option. You may also want to think about customizing the coasters with information about the birthday individual or with a theme that fits the celebration.

Pulpboard Coasters – 4″ Square,  4 Inch Full Color Square Ceramic Coasters


Personalized Coasters for Graduation

For graduation parties, personalized coasters are a wonderful accent. Whether the party is honoring a single graduate or many grads, personalized coasters can be utilized to provide information about the graduate(s), special memories from their time in school, or congratulations from friends and family. Consider making coasters with the name of the college or university the graduate(s) will be attending to symbolize their intended place of further education for their high school graduation.

4 Inch Custom Silicone Drink Coasters

Personalized Coasters for Baby Shower

Baby shower personalized coasters can be used in a variety of ways. Coasters can be used in many classic baby shower activities. The guests can record their predictions for the baby’s birth weight, birth date, birth time, or any other usual baby shower game by writing them down on customized coasters that have blank lines written on them. You might even ask for recommendations for baby names or utilize the space to invite visitors to provide the new parent’s advice. You might ask visitors to jot down their predictions if you decide to disclose the baby’s gender at the shower, or you could print additional coasters from which they could select by their predictions. Again, you may make your coasters unique to fit the party’s theme or the parent’s.

Pulpboard Coasters – 3.5″ Round, Paper Coasters – 3.5″ Square


Personalized Coasters for the Fourth of July

Using personalized coasters for the Fourth of July is a terrific idea. For an educational twist, personalize coasters with significant dates or historical events in American history, or use patriotic sayings in their place. Use the coasters to offer trivia or to promote activities like scavenger hunts that require participants to cooperate and use the information on their coasters. At the very least, your personalized coasters will be the talk of the party.

Coaster With Bottle Opener


Personalized Coasters for Halloween

You may personalize coasters for Halloween parties in a variety of ways. Think about printing legendary monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein on a batch of coasters to inspire their guests to perform monster impressions. You could also put quotations from your favorite horror movies on the coasters.

Pulpboard Coasters – 3 7/8″ X 5 3/8″ Rectangle


Personalized Coasters for Thanksgiving

There are various applications for personalized coasters for Thanksgiving. Ask your guests (family, friends, and neighbors) what they are grateful for this year before the celebration. Have your party coasters then be personalized with their responses. To share with your guest’s historical information about Thanksgiving, you might also think about having coasters made to your specifications.

Coaster Cork 1/8″ Stock Shape


Personalized Coasters for Christmas Eve

The promotional products sector experiences a natural shift in demand over the holidays. The winter holiday season, which includes Christmas and New Year’s, primarily gives businesses a chance to express gratitude to clients for the job completed in the previous year while also extending an invitation to continue working together. The company’s ideal gift to its employees this season is a personalized coaster. Due to its practicality, this classic item attracts more visitors than virtually any other. A coaster’s durability is demonstrated by the fact that it offers 365 days of memories, whether it is placed on a desk, coffee table, bar, or restaurant table.

Full-Color Absorbent Stone Car Coasters, 4 Inch Custom Silicone Drink Coasters


Personalized Coasters for New Year’s Eve

Get guest resolutions for your New Year’s Eve party or have a selection of coasters printed with popular resolutions like being organized, working out more, reading more, eating healthily, saving money, picking up a new interest, or learning a new skill, to mention a few. Visitors may select a coaster that corresponds with their resolutions or promise to add the new resolution to their list. The coasters can be used as an icebreaker to assist your guests to get to know one another better. They might even discover an accountability partner to help them follow through on their new year’s resolution.

Paper Coasters – 4″ Square


Personalized Coasters for Sporting Events

When having a viewing party for a game, personalized coasters are a great way to make your guests’ experience more enjoyable. Create coasters that guests may use to support their favorite player or team. Include season-related highlights or fun facts. By giving guests a gift if something specified on their coaster—for example, a player scoring a specific number of points throughout the game—occurs, you can add a reward system.

Paper Coasters – 3.5″ Square


Personalized Coasters for Watch Parties

You can still utilize custom coasters if you’re having a huge group of folks around to watch something other than the big game. Consider utilizing personalized coasters to invite guests to vote for who they want to win during the reality competition finale if you’re hosting a gathering to watch it. Consider personalizing coasters based on the program, the movies, or the award nominations if there is a movie or television marathon, or awards presentation.

Paper Coasters – 4″ Round



These are just a few examples of how you may utilize customized coasters to give your upcoming event or party a little extra flair. Your customization options are almost endless because of the multitude of customization choices! You can reach us by phone at 1-855-711-4467 or send us a message below with your contact information for additional information.

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