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To allow other people to identify you quickly at all times, the best option is to use a perfect combination of lanyard and cardholder.
A lanyard for every style

The ribbons or cords used to hang your cardholder around your neck, have different styles of decoration. You can find them with a unicolor design, with a pattern, or with several colors.

Also, and for a better presentation of your company, university, or business, you can customize the design of your lanyard with the logo or name you want.

On the other hand, if you prefer, you can opt for reversible laces so that the name of your company is seen on both sides of the ribbon.

Most of the lanyards are made with high quality and resistant materials, so they have a long useful life. In addition, thanks to their resistant design, they can support both your ID holder and the keys to your office or locker.

The standard measurements for laces are 43 centimeters or 17 inches long, and 2 centimeters or 0.75 inches wide. These measures allow you to keep your ID card visible.
Custom ID holder

As a complement to your lanyard, you must make use of an ID or cardholder where you will carry your identification card.

You can select from various designs, which can be made of plastic or leather. No matter what material you prefer, make sure the ID holder is waterproof for added protection of your ID carnet.

You have the opportunity to personalize your identification holder, selecting the color of the material, and printing a special design.

Be careful to choose a resistant and flexible cardholder, which gives you resistance and ease when showing the information to others.

You can use your lanyard and your cardholder so that people can easily identify you at events, fairs, your workplace, at the university, on trips, business conferences, meetings, among many other options.

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