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With two months to go, the most awaited election in the United States is coming! Not only Americans are anticipating this important event but also the whole world. Becoming one of the powerful leaders is casting by votes.

Who’s going to win? The former vice-president Joe Biden, the renowned democrat party’s nominee? or the Republican President, Donald Trump? Head to head in the battleground states.

If you want to support your future leaders, you can use yard signs. It will encourage your community to vote wisely because their choices will surely affect the entire years and leadership. Yard signs are not expensive, they are easy to create, order, and send on your doorsteps.

What will happens on election day?

Since America is composed of states, the voting will proceed and ended at different times. The election is usually called on the night time and follows a response and concession speed from the losing candidate. But we honestly don’t know since COVID19 is still a pandemic until next year, who knows?

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