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Easter is a time for celebrating new life. Although it doesn’t have a set-in-stone date because each time a year, every country has its own time and day. Even on faith and churches, they have their traditions and way of celebrations. (ex. Catholics, Jewish).

Paying attention to the significance of various days of the Easter season is a good one because it’s not one holiday but more than a day. 

Regardless of the practice, there are a lot of things you can do to commemorate the day wherever you are.

  1. Celebrating with hiking with family or friends. But due to the pandemic, you can take the place into your home. Having an easter lunch with your loved ones is the best option instead of eating in a restaurant. Serve with good ham, mashed potatoes, or food that doesn’t increase cholesterol levels and uric acids. 
  2. Spend time with family and giving them gifts without spending too much. Simple pins, mugs, or even a wristband to remind about the importance of Easter. Don’t worry, most people have day-offs during and after weekends, so go ahead and plan.
  3. Not all should practice religious celebrations. If you are with a family that’s not religious, then try doing things like having a good lunch or dinner with healthy drinks (ex. fresh fruit juices). This can be helpful particularly if you have relatives that are not into Christianity.

Why Food?

Food is a big part of the celebrations. Most of in the United States and even in Asia, people come together for Easter lunch (except this Pandemic). The most traditional dish serves is lamb meat with a combination of chocolate eggs, potatoes, and cakes. tables are filled with flowers and simple decorations. 

It’s one of the most festive events among the Christian faith worldwide. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from death after 3 days. However, Easter has been commercialized with eggs, cards, pins, wristbands but it’s not a bad thing because everyone can enjoy it. In modern times, it became non-exclusive for a set of faith, but ordinary people can celebrate them with family and friends with delicious food. 

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