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Table covers for events that are customized with unique graphics are known as custom event table coverings. There are many handmade colors readily accessible, enabling you to select one that resembles the concept of the event or your brand. For any corporate event, trade show, convention, or meet and greet, table covers are a great item to keep on hand. Custom-branded tablecloths enhance the visual impact of your display and aid in expert brand promotion. Machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant polyester is used to make terrific table covers. While table covers in homes have pretty colors and patterns, custom table coverings for businesses give any event display an extra boost of professionalism. Layering a custom tablecloth over the table can easily improve exhibitor space at tradeshows and street fairs, providing your display with a professional look that lets visitors know what firm you represent. We advise adding unique table covers that feature your brand’s logo or colors.

Recyclable Plastic Table Cover,  Trade Show Table Cover

To give your company that excess reputable polish at live events and product launches, custom table covers are a must-have. We provided some advice on how to make your upcoming trade show successful. Our recommendation included making sure your trade show setup, including your table, looks professional. Utilizing top-notch signage and display items, including all the specifics like your table cover, is a straightforward way to achieve this. Here are some helpful hints to guide your search for a gorgeous tablecloth or throw to promote your brand at events.

Cross Over Trade Show Table Cover,  

Superiority Counts Companies that regularly use tables in their operations will benefit greatly from custom-branded tablecloths. Table coverings and table toppers that advertise the business are beneficial for restaurants, bars, and any other establishment that offers seating and refreshments. The cost of a subpar tablecloth is substantial. If you want your table to appear professional, the cover must be substantial-looking heavy, printed with top-notch ink, and well-fitting in addition to being fastened to the table. Make sure the cover is waterproof if it will be used outdoors for any length of time.

Fitted Trade Show Table CoverStretch Spandex Trade Show Table Cover

A Competitive Analysis For press conferences where a statement or panel discussion is held in front of a table, table covers are excellent. A  table covering with a logo is the best option to enhance the appearance of the video because no one wants to watch someone’s knees while they speak into a microphone. Keep an eye out for the exhibits that your rivals are using at trade shows, and note what you like and dislike about their setups. There are numerous table display options available depending on your business and preferred aesthetic; to assist you in getting started, we’ll go over some popular table cover styles below.

Open Corner Trade Show Table Cover, Skirt Trade Show Table Cover

Which Table Cover Style is Ideal for You and What Makes Them Attractive?
Let’s take a closer look at some common designs since it can be difficult to decide which kind of cover to purchase. There are several sizes available for these open corner table covers, including 4FT, 6FT, and 8FT, depending on your requirements. You can choose the table cover or throw that best suits you and your particular requirements from the variety of options offered by


Open Corner Table Covers

These covers have open-cut seams at the bottom that make it simple to set them up over tables of all sizes. This solid cover style, which is available in  4-sided versions, is exceptionally popular at trade shows because of its adaptability.

Open Corner Trade Show Table Cover 

Fitted Table Covers

Perfectionists will appreciate the wrinkle-free, seamless congruency that fitted covers provide. These are also offered in 4-sided varieties and are well-liked at trade shows.

Fitted Trade Show Table Cover

Stretch Table Covers

These covers are pliable, to simplify things. Even if you don’t know the exact measurements, they offer to give in the material so you can fit them over your table easily, and they remain tightly in place. These are popular options for all kinds of events because they effectively conceal many flaws.

Stretch Spandex Trade Show Table Cover

Cross Over Table Covers

According to the name, this design crosses over in the front. The crossover design makes them stand out and look a little more modern if that’s your style, but they still perform the same function as standard table covers.

Cross Over Trade Show Table Cover

Versatile/Adjustable Covers

This cover is what you need if you host numerous events and frequently switch out your tables. These covers are simple to adjust and allow you to change the size as necessary without forfeiting the classy look. You can use these tablecloths for a very long time because they are the most flexible ones makes.

Convertible/Adjustable Covers


The advantages of using a table cover are numerous, and these are just a few of them. You will find it a great idea to purchase from because of the wide variety of our affordable corporate events, trade shows, conventions, or meet and greets. So what are you waiting for? Book us now or message us right away so we can help you pretty quickly.



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