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There’s no better occasion to throw an incredible event than Christmas! Hosting a party for your family, friends, or coworkers is always enjoyable, especially when it has a special theme. This year, in addition to enjoying all the enjoyable holiday activities that are associated with Santa’s favorite season, like decorating your Christmas tree, making homemade holiday decorations, and watching your favorite Christmas movies, make the effort to plan a holiday-themed gathering that your loved ones won’t soon forget.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Christmas party themes that are sure to make everyone feel festive. While an amusing and traditional ugly sweater party never goes out of style! Excellent! You have a ton of different imaginative and stylish options to consider. There are a ton of fun Christmas party games for adults that you can break out to keep people laughing all night long, in addition to activities like constructing personalized Christmas decorations, baking Christmas cookies, and building gingerbread houses. So, if you’re seeking inspiration for a memorable event to hold at your house, church, or workplace, look to these festive Christmas party themes.

Themed Celebration: Christmas Stuffer Party

Everyone enjoys a nice bag filler, especially if the gift is adorable and useful. Ask everyone to bring a few items to trade at the party and provide each guest with a Christmas bag to fill with tiny trinkets and gifts. Every single one of your guests will walk home with a goodie bag. Our website offers a wide selection of tote bags and drawstring bags, however, the example below is merely to give you an idea if you are uncertain of what design will work best for your party. These bags are customizable. You can either print a picture in it or have your artwork and design customized messages in it. In other words, not only the bag but also the tote bag itself should be carefully considered by the guests as they will be a remembrance of you throughout the holiday season.

Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags,  Custom Everyday Cotton Tote Bags


Themed Celebration: Christmas Hoodie Party

Christmas hoodie parties are a tradition over the season, and they’re even more entertaining when everyone dresses up in their best hoodies. Offer pom-poms, sparkles, buttons, felt, a Santa hat, and other embellishments so that guests may spend the evening constructing their festive ensembles to wear. Request that everyone bring a custom sweatshirt to the party.  Don’t forget to hold a contest to determine whose hoodie has the best customization after the closing of the evening. You can choose the best-customized hoodie to wear to your forthcoming party from the below.

Custom Budget Hoodies,  Jerzees 6 Oz. Sports Tech Fleece® Pullover Hood


Themed Celebration: Champagne and Charcuterie Party

Keep the meal basic and serve only light appetizers while concentrating on the conversations. Create an effortless nibbling table with cheese, meats, crackers, grapes, and other delectable fruits. Our martini glasses are ideal for this occasion because they can be customized and given out at the celebration, allowing guests to enjoy the sweetness of the champagne while adding flair to it. The fact that you can utilize martini glasses for more than just drinks by displaying them from your home’s collection section will make it popular with guests. To say “thank you” for celebrating with you, write personal words on the glass to your family, friends, or even to your dear ones. They will undoubtedly adore it, and each time they use it at home to sip their finest champagne, they will grin as they read the message you have written on the glass and instantly think of you, even if it isn’t the holiday season.

Salud Grande Martini Glass- 10 Oz,  Z-Stem Martini Glass- 7.5 Oz.


Themed Celebration: Christmas Greetings Cards Party

Nothing compares to receiving a personal letter from a loved one, especially around the holidays. You can set aside some time with your pals to write greetings on the holiday season to important people in your lives. When hosting a holiday or year-end party in your workplace, prepare a lot of blank greeting cards and give them to your coworkers and superiors. Allow them to write anything they want on the cards—personal messages, quotes, sayings, or anything else they want to say to the person they wanted to send their greeting card to. Upon receiving and reading the cards, they will all undoubtedly be amazed. This is why our holiday greeting cards, which measure 5 x 7 inches folded and 10 x 7 inches unfolded and are imprinted in full color with a white envelope, are ideal for this occasion. You can either choose from one of our current templates for the greetings cards or you can create the cards with your designs with your company name and or logo.

Happy Holidays Greeting Cards With Imprinted Envelopes,  Christmas Hat Holiday Greeting Cards With Imprinted Envelopes


Themed Celebration: Christmas Camp Fire Party

There’s more to s’mores than just summer campfires! Lighting a warm fire in your fire pit will allow you to celebrate Christmas outside. This exercise is the ideal way to start a pleasant Christmas evening around the campfire and is a great conversation starter for any age group. It also encourages individuals to open up to one another. This outdoor Christmas party exercise is deceptively easy: each participant in the circle must describe one good and one bad incident that has happened to them throughout the entire year, as well as their resolutions. You’ll be amazed by how much you still don’t know about your closest friends and family, and a lot of the “good and bad” will surely lead to deeper relationships and tales. To start a fire, you should have one of our custom matchboxes, which you can personalize by writing a greeting to those who participated in this campfire Christmas celebration. These personalized matchboxes will not only be used to start a fire, but they will also make wonderful gifts that everyone will treasure at the divine evening celebrations.

Full-Color Matchboxes With 23 2-Inch Matchsticks,  Full-Color Matchboxes With 17 3-Inch Matchsticks


Themed Celebration: Christmas Around the World Party

“Christmas Around the World” is one of the greatest office Christmas party themes since it highlights the many holiday celebrations from around the world, broadening the perspectives of the workers. Before throwing a party with a worldwide theme, though, look into different Christmas traditions. Keep in mind that such tributes should be sincere and respectful of other cultures rather than being stereotyped or derogatory. Additionally, gather the appropriate food and drinks. Our Stadium cups are the ideal choice for this occasion because they can be used for both drinks and game-related activities during the party. For your holiday party this year, using our Christmas stadium plastic cups is a terrific way to serve merry drinks in adorable personalized cups. We can print your logo, monogram, any of our adorable Christmas stock photos, your original artwork, and any of our typefaces.

16oz Stadium Cups,  32oz Stadium Cups


Themed Celebration: Shot Glasses for Christmas Party 

With Christmas shot glasses, you may have a festive beverage and feel festive in no time. Here, you’ll find our picks for the best Christmas shot glasses for each holiday mood or setting, whether you’re throwing a party or just enjoying a quiet drink by the tree. These Christmas shot glasses, which are frequently used as custom holiday favors, can help you celebrate the season. These favors will shine whether you use them as gorgeous votive candle holders or as drinking vessels. These would be an exquisite surprise for anyone who enjoys dancing under the moonlight or at Christmas parties, especially since it’s almost time to give gifts. You’ve found it! We have the quickest turnaround times and the lowest prices on the market for shot glasses. On all-out shot glasses, we also have low minimum order requirements. On a few of our shot glass products, we even allow orders of only one piece. Make your Christmas party memorable by serving up collectible glassware items that your guests may take home as mementos.

Fluted Shot Glass- 2 Oz.,  Cobalt Shot Glass- 1.5 Oz.


Themed Celebration: Beers and Cheers

For your friend group, consider planning a local pub crawl if you don’t have the space to host or if you simply don’t want to clean up afterward. We “can” offer you the ideal choice with these can coolers, whether you’re searching for stocking stuffers, holiday bag fillers, or the ideal Christmas party favor! Each can cooler features a “Happy Holidays” greeting along with customized text and winter-themed graphics. These can coolers, which keep canned beverages cold and make excellent party favors are a necessity for holiday parties. If you’re looking for high-quality items at reasonable costs, look through our selection of personalized coolies. Our selection of bespoke can cooler designs and sizes is endless. No matter the event a birthday party, a party, a wedding, or a Christmas party our selection of cooler styles is limitless.

Premium Foam Collapsible Can Sleeve,  Full Color Slap Wrap Can Sleeves


Themed Celebration: Christmas Coffee Cup Sleeve

Use this delightful, fully customizable cup sleeve to make your beverages seem their cheeriest. To make the season extra happier for visitors, use vibrant and upbeat seasonal colors and add your preferred season’s greeting. With these festive patterns, holiday and winter drinks will appear much more alluring. One Santa and one snowflake are featured on each of the two coffee cup sleeves in this set. Throughout the year, for any occasion, you can utilize the Santa coffee sleeve background. Don’t forget to add more decorations. With our eco-friendly white coffee sleeves and kraft coffee sleeves with excellent insulating qualities, it will be simpler to keep your hands cool when handling heated beverage cups. Our coffee cup sleeves are the finest tools for serving hot coffee, cocoa, and tea during this holiday season to lessen the possibility of your visitors accidentally getting their hands burned.

Custom Premium Embossed Natural Kraft Cup Sleeves,  Custom Premium Embossed White Cup Sleeves


Themed Celebration: Gift Giving for Christmas

Many things might be given as gifts to your loved ones, but consider what is appropriate so that the recipient of the gift would benefit from it. Custom lip balms are the perfect gift for everyone, regardless of gender, as chapped lips are one of winter’s most prevalent ailments. Who wouldn’t love to get a gift that they can use every day? There is nothing more exciting than lip balm. You can add your design or short sentiments to our personalized lip balms to dedicate to your nearest and dearest. Find a way to give useful gifts this holiday season that will be appreciated by everyone. Worry no more, as our personalized lip balms are the solution to your concerns this holiday and winter season. For moisturizing and protection, the lip balms contain beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, soybean oil, and sunflower oil. Custom lip balms will be taken everywhere and are suitable for both genders because they are small and lightweight enough to fit into pockets and purses.

Custom SPF 15 Beeswax Lip Balms – Full Color,  Flavored Beeswax Lip Balm – Full Color


Christmas is a time for pleasure and celebration. Having a wonderful time with family and friends is what matters most for Christmas, regardless of how you celebrate it or what you do. The recommendations are meant to assist you in coming up with a concept; keep in mind that the more creative, the better. If you’re unsure of what design will work best for your Christmas party, you can use our free template. If not, send your artwork right away, and we’ll start putting your design and ideas together. We, therefore, wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that your Christmas celebration with family and friends is wonderful. Contact us now or leave your message below!

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