Reusable Facemask Can Help

Wearing facemask along with a face shield will add more protection from the virus. The pandemic is not as easy as we think to overcome. It needs fair coordination and safety measures to avoid the spread. But is the use of non-medical facemask like fabrics effectively protects you from the general public? The reusable facemask is

Battling Covid19 Using Facemasks

Disclaimer: Our facemasks are not suitable for medical use or can protect/prevent from illness/disease. As confirmed cases of the COVID19 continues to increase around the world, most countries now obliged that all their citizens should wear cloth masks whenever they go outside. Although reusable facemasks cannot protect someone from getting the droplets and shielded from

Reusable Mask is Important

In the time of the pandemic, COVID19 is still present around the world and has been infecting more people every hour. This is happening because we don’t have vaccines yet to kill the virus. While this unexpected, people should not rely on the front-liners, doctors, and scientists alone. We have to help ourselves and prevent

Why Disposable Face Mask is Essential

Although not FDA certified, the disposable mask primarily made to keep particles breathed out by the wearer against various air pollution. Not just viruses and bacteria from the air, but also at least from dust and molds everywhere. It covers the nose, mouth, and even our jaw against unwelcome effects caused by the current pandemic