Why Disposable Face Mask is Essential

Although not FDA certified, the disposable mask primarily made to keep particles breathed out by the wearer against various air pollution. Not just viruses and bacteria from the air, but also at least from dust and molds everywhere. It covers the nose, mouth, and even our jaw against unwelcome effects caused by the current pandemic

Don’t Forget to Buy Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are very important in the current pandemic. Because of covid19, it can quickly disseminate and infect from person-to-person in contact or close distance due to airborne transmissions. Shake hands are often unavoidable when people are getting close to each other in public transports, talking too close, holding or touching surfaces in public areas,

How to Sell Your Medical Supplies?

Traditional marketing such as print advertising, whether a magazine or newspaper, might not work in today’s pandemic. People nowadays have this fear of being infected by COVID-19 so the publications cannot circulate any forms of prints. Therefore, digital marketing is in the best position to do more. Many individuals are working from home or staying