Blank Sublimation Mouse Pads

Being one of the popular promotional products out there, our rectangle and round mouse pads will be loved by the target recipients. As practical marketing tools, they will always be used by the recipients when they are operating computers at home or work.

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Choose our budget-friendly mouse pad small 8 x 6 Inch, blank mouse pads that you could customize and distribute as promotional tools at offices and computer labs at schools. We provide these sublimation blank mouse pads in stacks or cases of 100 pieces that you can order as bulk quantities for promotional needs. Our assortment of mouse pads includes the 8 Inch Round Mouse Pads for Sublimation Printing, 8 x 6 Inch Small Mouse Pads for Sublimation Printing, 8.5 x 7.5 Inch Medium Mouse Pads for Sublimation Printing, and 9.5 x 8 Inch Large Mouse Pads for Sublimation Printing. Providing comfortable grip and wrist support, these mouse pads will be resourceful tools to use at work and home. Being perfect desk accessories, our 7.5 x 8.5 Inches mouse pads contain rubber padding which will prevent your mouse from sliding from your hands. Customize our large 9.5 Inch X 8 Inch mouse pads with your choice of brand logos, advertisements, and artworks to turn them into miniature billboards of your business. Having polyester covering on top of the durable foam, these mouse pads allow for detailed sublimation printing. Gamers will be delighted to receive promotional mouse pads that will provide good wrist support or grip.