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No lanyard is complete without a proper badge holder and reel. Different events call for different types of lanyards, or there might be the need of multiple varied lanyards in one event. Security units require to wear lanyards in order to be easily identifiable. Each of the organizers of the event need different types of lanyards according to the departments they will handle. Lanyards may seem small, but they play a vital role in identification. Additionally, their accessories are just as important.

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In terms of badge holders, we have many in our collection: Multi-Purpose Vaccination Record Card Holders, Armband Badge Holder With Elastic Cord, Badge Holder With Bulldog Clip, Hard Plastic Acrylic Badge Holder With Slot, Hard Plastic Acrylic Badge Holder With Slot, Plastic Badge Holders, Pre-Printed Badge Holders, Premium PU Card Holders, Vertical 6 X 4 Inch Badge Holder and Zip Badge Holders. We also have five options for badge reels: Heavy Duty Badge Reels, ID Badge Reels, Loop Badge Reels, Premium Badge Reels and Square Badge Reels. There are blank double clip lanyards in our collection too. You will find custom lanyards with PU card holders that give off an official aesthetic. Lastly, we have metal necklace ball chains that doubles as an accessory to be worn on its own.