Custom Big Checks & Giant Checks

Create exposure on photo opportunities at public ceremonies as you present the giant fake award presentation checks for creating an impact among large audience. Leave a positive impression that will show everyone that you care and award people to inspire.

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Custom Economy Big Checks 18 X 36 Inch
Custom Economy Giant Checks 30 X 60 Inch
Custom Economy Large Checks 22 X 48 Inch
Custom Premium Big Checks 18 X 36 Inch
Custom Premium Giant Check 30 X 60 Inch
Custom Premium Large Check 22 X 48 Inch
Custom Balloon Big Checks
Custom Baseball Big Checks
Custom Baseball Glove Big Checks
Custom Birthday Big Checks
Custom Cancer Awareness Big Checks
Custom Christmas Big Checks
Custom Football Big Checks
Custom Football Helmet Big Checks
Custom Graduation Big Checks
Custom Lunar New Year Big Checks
Custom Red Lantern Big Checks
Custom Wedding Hand Big Checks
Custom Wedding Ring Big Checks

Show your brand’s appreciation towards loyal employees, sponsors’ contributions toward fundraising causes, and donate funds publicly with custom giant checks. Giveaway these oversized presentation checks to create exposure for your business and organization at the ribbon cutting ceremonies, award presentations, contests, charity walks, grand openings, contests, sweepstakes giveaways, election campaigns, and marketing events. With giant fake award presentation checks, you will have photo opportunities to put the sponsor and donor organization’s name on spotlight. Promote miscellaneous events, big check printing is a frequent need, so choose from our available sizes of large novelty checks that ideally suits your occasion. Create a powerful impact for the recipient and organization receiving the generous amount of donation from you by awarding large presentation checks. The presenter and recipient can hold large novelty checks during the presentation together to draw attention of the media and audience. creating the perfect photo opportunity. Add novelty and professional element to your occasion with solidly built custom giant checks!