Blank Napkins

As environment-friendly alternatives to cloth napkins, our colorful blank paper luncheon napkins and paper dinner napkins will be best suited for elevating the tablescapes. Having them handy at the tables and drink stations will help maintain cleanliness.

Craft lunch and dinner tables with colorful and blank personalized paper napkins to make your guests feel welcomed. Keep them in stacks at dinning rooms and restrooms for them to brighten up the atmosphere with their multicolored hues. As decorative tools, they will add an elegant touch to the table settings. We have available blank 2ply economic beverage and cocktail napkins, 3ply premium beverage and cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, and luncheon napkins for you to choose from. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, and catering services can use paper luncheon napkins and paper dinner napkins that people can use and dispose immediately. For weddings, birthdays, family reunions, and cocktail parties, these handy napkins will save time cleaning the spills and stains. Keep them in stacks everywhere for the guests to pick and clean themselves up. As cost-effective alternatives to expensive and high end napkins, cocktail napkins and beverage napkins will do the job within a limited budget. Hand out beverages and appetizers wrapped up in vibrant paper napkins for style!