Pulpboard Coasters

Promote your branding with custom printed coasters that can be used as restaurant menus or placemats. Incredibly budget-friendly, our custom pulpboard coasters will remind your recipients of the thoughtful gesture from your business or occasion.

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When guests need to rest their wine glasses, champagne flutes, and stadium cups, you can keep custom drink coasters in stacks for them to use. In weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and bachelorette parties, they will be ideal souvenirs for guests to take back home from the occasion. For this reason, custom drink coasters make great party favors that are going to remind recipients of your event. Get them personalized with your wedding dates, brand logos, promotional slogans, and graphics to turn them into miniature billboards. As a good memento for your guests, they will make your get-together even more memorable. In networking events, handing out branded coasters instead of business cards will create a good impression on business associates and patrons. With your new way of marketing for your brand or organization, custom pulpboard coasters will create continuous exposure as they are used like beverage mats. Catering services, food, and beverage businesses could use custom round coasters to convey their brand messages to prospective customers. Our custom pulpboard coasters come in round, square and rectangular shapes that can be used in various occasions and promotions. Our custom pulpboard coasters have 40pt, 60pt, and 80pt thicknesses along with natural pulpboard construction that make them hard-wearing!