As instructed by the CDC, when there is shortage of masks which need to be reserved for the medical professionals and healthcare workers, you may wear cloth face coverings such as solid color bandanas and scarves as substitutes when needing to go outside.

Whether as fashion accessories or as the precautionary face masks, our wholesale cotton bandanas will serve both needs. Choose from our solid color bandanas and classic paisley bandana for yourself, staff, and acquaintances when this world is running out on shortage of protective masks. As people may need to travel even during lock-downs for infectious disease outbreaks, wearing colored bandanas will let you be visible for others to not come within close proximity. Hence, travel to grocery stores and pharmacies with these cloth face coverings. Simply fold them from the bottom using rubber bands on both sides to wear along the ear loops. Make sure to cover till the upper portion of the nose to the lower portion of the chin. Since infectious germs tend to be airborne or travel through droplets left by others by speaking, coughing, or sneezing, covering the face could help lower the chance of spreading or transmitting the virus. Thus, wear these colored bandanas as you travel on public settings because it is still better to wear cloth face coverings than nothing at all. Take part in lowering the risks of getting infected or infecting others at emergencies.