We all know that at holiday celebrations, the virus can spread like wildfire because of the risks. In the coming Halloween the end of October, most people begin to plan to celebrate the holidays via digital or virtual. Some families plan to observe it with the relatives because it imposes low dangers of spread. 

Facemask is still mandatory

There are lists of factors that increase the risk of getting infected caused by COVID19. it is important to all individuals not to overlook these factors when a party or celebration cannot be avoided.

  1. Check the community 
  2. The location of the Halloween trick-or-treating
  3. Duration of nightlife parties or trick-or-treating
  4. The volume of people within the specific area
  5. origin of the location of the visitors
  6. and lastly, the behavior and personality of the attendees. (are they following the safety protocols or not)

With the 6 main factors mentioned, there are few things we cannot control. That’s why we need to consider getting items to prevent (at least ) the spread of the virus such as wearing face-mask.

Note: The glow-in-the-dark facemask is not a substitute nor a 100% replacement to medical rated masks for health professionals or front line workers. These masks are meant for everyday civilian use.

There are 4 kinds of glow-in-the-dark face mask available in our store.

  1. Halloween Skeleton Glow in the Dark Face Mask
  2. Halloween Smiley face glow in the dark face mask
  3. Pumpkin Face Glow in the dark Face Mask
  4. vampire Teeth Glow in the Dark Face

We have various assorted designs that include different Halloween designs for your needs. No matter the situation your party will be on October 31, you are ready.

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