The season of the dead is coming in a few weeks times and expecting the days will be different. Costumes and expensive decorations will not get full praise to compare to the past year because of the COVID19 pandemic. The night party might be canceled or toned-down and trick-or-treating will be more complicated than before due to health precautions for kids. But, we still have the opportunity to make the most of Halloween day.

One advantage of this coming fourth quarter of 2020 is that the face-masks with glow-in-the-dark illustrations are excellent substitutions for costumes because not only it looks good on you, it will reduce the risk for COVID-19 transmission.

Note: This is not a substitute for a medical facemask or a 100% replacement for any certified facemasks recommended by health professionals.

In this coming Halloween season, social distancing and practicing health measures are mandatory. Wearing a facemask is one, combined with lots of hand-washing, healthy lifestyles of course. Most people are excited to celebrate in a new way of scaring people without spending too much money and compromising health. The glow in the dark facemasks is suitable for the haunting needs. It’s fast, safe, reusable and fun!

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