From traditional mercury-based thermometer to ear infrared thermometer. Fast and reliable temperature checks for your home and general hospitals. You can also bring this equipment whenever you have a medical service or family trip because it’s light-weight and portable.

The infrared thermometer can be used to measure via ear and forehead temperature, which is suitable for all ages. Accurate and reliable even the body checking point temperature varies from time-to-time. Everyone can rest assures accuracy level. The dual infrared thermometer can bring results without interference from the ambient temperature.

In Times of Pandemic

This apparatus can be bought in public areas and measures every customer’s temperature before they enter. Because of strict health protocols, all business establishments especially in malls are required to check their customer’s temperature to avoid the spread.

It is recommended to use it a fair amount of distance approximately 1 centimetre to 3 centimetres from the forehead or ear.

Material Used

This device is made of plastic material. Durable and shock-resistant. Battery operated with 2 AAA batteries. It’s made for worry-free operations. An intuitive device that can everyone use it and experience convenience.

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