Thanks to the high tech era, we have reliable and durable oximeters that can scan heart rate pulses in real-time. With fast measurement in just a single click, the convenience is undeniable. The mini portable oximeter has also a battery saver in which the device can save more power for long usage. it has an automatic switch on and off when there’s no finger inserted. Especially in portable hospitals or traveling medical services outside the cities, this device is compact, light-weight, and durable so that you can monitor your own or patient’s blood oxygen anytime and anywhere.

Another advantage of having an Oximeter is that you can buy them without requiring medical licenses. Anyone can use it because it has strong applicability for both general people and healthcare professional.s 

But take note, if you or your family members have been experiencing signs and symptoms connected to your heart-rate, and blood status, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. This device is not a 100% substitute for any medical professional and more advanced equipment. 

More About the Product

The Oximeter is made with ABS plastic with a dual-color OLED display. This device does not require direct electricity but AAA type batteries to operate. Anyone can insert and test various fingers by adjusting the clip with a pulse to show a multidimensional display. What more exciting is that when you tilt the finger pulse facing you, the OLED display will not distorted and show numbers upright direction and accurate.

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