Worldwide there was an incident were police brutally occurred to a black man. Died without reasons and caused by violence. Black Lives Matter is committed to fighting for freedom and a world free of anti-blackness, not only in the United States but in the whole world. Every human race has the privilege to serve in the social-economic and political power, but not exclusive on white races only.

Supporting this such group by putting a yard sign is a noble act to persuade everyone on your community to take action in response to racism and state-sanctioned violence. The sole intention from the very beginning is to inspire every black people, and other races from all over the world to protect and fight for what is right. The shared desire for equal justice must be present in every community not in the United States only.

As we are inspired by the movement, we may now build and nurture a free racist community and free from violence caused by the people who sit in power. We can restore peace without being apologetic and need not qualify position because everyone has the right to live in harmony and be treated fairly.

Because of Black Lives Matter, we persuade everyone to fight for their space, regardless of sexual identity, economic state, religious beliefs, and skin colors. A community that is free from sexism, misogyny, and a country where white supremacy is centered. Everyone should practice empathy and engage comrades with the positive intention to learn and connect with other human beings. Love and to be loved.

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