Drawstrings Non-Woven Tote Bags

There are many varieties of drawstrings bags for individual use and promotional use. And of course for school use. Backpacks are ok but drawstring bags can be used for several items such as sports equipment and other essential things for studies. In fact, drawstrings are light, water-proof, liquid friendly which means even you put your wet clothes on it, it will dry easily compare to thick and expensive bags out there.

Thus, it offers accessibility and lets you put essential clothes effortlessly and pack things up around. It can carry all different types of weight because it is made up of nylon and durable materials.

What more exciting about these drawstrings that you can add customized illustrations and designs which you can use for promotional items or personal use. More and more businesses use this item for marketing vehicles, giveaways, or event prices as sponsored rewards.

definitely won’t break your bank as this item is affordable especially when ordered in bulk.

The Drawstring bags are available in different colors:

  1. Forest green
  2. Purple
  3. Navy blue
  4. blue
  5. Lime green
  6. Yellow
  7. Orange
  8. red
  9. Burgundy
  10. Black
  11. White
  12. and Pink

The non-woven tote bags are durable water-resistant because it is made with polypropylene fabrics that can carry heavy accessories for laundry, sports, gym, library books, or even in grocery shopping. Tested thru time that this bag can load many things which in fact, sturdy, economical, versatile, durable, and convenient anytime and anywhere.

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