“No-contact infrared technology allows the thermometer to be used without any physical contact. Digital LCD Infrared Forehead Thermometer is very easy to use. 1 second rapid measurement temperature, 2 temperature displays: ℃ and ℉ and suitable for all ages including infants, kids and adults.”

Measuring a person’s temperature will be a lot easier especially when in public. Before, a traditional method is not recommended due to health measures, time physical contact, and quantities. The infrared thermometers is non-contact that can minimize risk at spreading the disease between two people being evaluated.

The Touch Free Infrared Thermometer is easy to use, easy to clean with alcohol with simple cloth and disinfect with sprays. Another thing is, the results can be displayed readily, rapidly and can be used by an ordinary individual without medical backgrounds.

Limitations of Infrared Thermometer

This tool cannot be used for people wearing face cloths, face shields or any forms of blockade on forehead. So, the person needs to remove any cover. Close distance is also required to take the person’s accurate temperature so the checker needs to double check safety practices and use face mask and face shield everyday when doing so.


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