Disinfecting your hands every hour can be difficult. Due to the pandemic crisis that we are facing today, bringing hand sanitizers and alcohol is mandatory. But what about business owners like grocery shops, or malls, even they sell these sanitizing tools, what can they do to help their customers? How will they give a helping hand? The answer is installing a touch-free sanitizer dispenser!

That’s right. The wall-mounted automatic hand sanitizer dispenser will help to clean your customer’s hand. Made with ABS plastic and can hold up to 1000 ML of liquid soap, gel sanitizers, or alcohol in a refillable container. It’s reusable and affordable because the refill cartridges do not need to be replaced.

This dispenser can easily be installed in any wall of your business or malls, preferably on the toilet, hallways or entrances where many people come and go. Suitable for public and private environments. Easy to assemble so you can attach it in any type of wall. It’s battery operated so no need to worry about electric plugs.

The Sanitizer dispenser is useful and efficient. It’s not manual but it has automatic touch operation features.

For more information about the product, you may send your inquiries directly on our official website.

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