“Make people cautious of maintaining social distance with 24 X 24 Inch Blank Protective Acrylic Counter Barrier during infectious disease outbreaks. As safeguards at the various points-of-purchase locations, they will prevent direct contact and transmission of disease. Due to the rise of infections in the current pandemic, it is important to place sneeze guard barriers in convenience stores, service desks, stores, and restaurants.

For their large sizes, these sneeze guard shields will act as a wall between two parties who are communicating through the barriers. Having transparent see-through view, the transactions or interaction will go on without interruption. For the safety of your employees as they talk with clients and visitors, these protective barriers should be installed on their desks and tables. Since, maintaining social distancing is important in these trying times, installing sneeze guards will slow down the spread. Being sturdy partition that separates consumers from the staff as they approach for inquiries, these counter barriers should be positioned for preventing possible health hazards. Made from acrylic plastic materials, the sneeze guard protection barriers will stop infectious agents from entering the other side.

For this reason, checkout counters and registration desks will benefit from installing social distance barriers. People who may be vulnerable to infection and spread disease through accidentally sneezing, the cough guards will help maintain the distances. Moreover, these blank sneeze guards can be placed in desks and counters within minutes without trouble and work instantaneously. So, keep counters and desks clean with protective sneeze guards that will thwart droplets.”

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