Disclaimer: Please note, this is NOT a medical rated mask and is meant for everyday civilian use. Our masks offer great daily basic protection but we would NEVER compromise access to medical rated masks for front line workers.

Kids and toddlers are one of the group age range that is vulnerable to COVID19. That’s why some countries prohibit their citizen below 21 years roaming around on the streets. We all know that this pandemic spreads like wildfire via airborne droplets and touching contaminated surfaces. So, kids should wear a face covering to protect at least from asymptomatic carriers though not absolute shield but it can help. 

a 3-Ply Kids Disposable Face Masks is one of the covers we’ve mentioned to get one for your children. Though we don’t let them go outside, many people are already infected and they don’t know they have it due to asymptomatic levels. By giving a temporary cover on their face in a public area, your kids will much less likely to get it from others. They are shielding themselves from airborne infections.

What are the primary descriptions of these 3-Ply Kids Disposable Face Masks?

  1. Kid’s 3 ply masks are colorful and perfect for their everyday use.
  2. Fits on almost 4-12 years old.
  3. Non-woven masks will give you stay away from dust and dirt.
  4. Made from the non-woven fiber in three breathable layers, these disposable masks can be used by the general population.
  5. Can be used all year in any weather and keep you safe from air pollution, allergens, and smells.
  6. Material – Non-woven
  7. Color – Multi-Color
  8. Product Size – 3.6 x 5.7 Inch
  9. Order Packaging – 10pcs per pack

Can A Children or Toddler Get Infected with the Corona virus?

Based on medical experts, children can get it. Most COVID19 infection records have been diagnosed are adults and children. Unfortunately, this virus can bring fatal to seniors, or a person whose age is above 65. Children will show mild illness can often cause transparent healthy status, however not all children with a good immune system will recover and fight the infection within a week. 

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