Disclaimer: Our facemasks are not suitable for medical use or can protect/prevent from illness/disease.

As confirmed cases of the COVID19 continues to increase around the world, most countries now obliged that all their citizens should wear cloth masks whenever they go outside.

Although reusable facemasks cannot protect someone from getting the droplets and shielded from contagious diseases, we encourage our fellows to wear it to prevent additional new cases. People with the virus are unseen and unpredictable because they are often asymptomatic. Detection can be done unless they went undergone testing.

With the help of using a reusable facemask, social distancing, honesty, and following health protocols and preventive measures will definitely fight the virus and flattening the curve.

You should practice health protocols by wearing facemask whenever you are in public areas or people nearby. They act as a barrier to at least protect you (not 100%) from airborne droplets. Because people unknowingly spread and pass the virus by going outside, even without coughing. They can infect others by touching public surfaces and someone gets contact with it.

Always wear facemasks every time you are with someone close quarters or spaced out. Whenever you go for a grocery or considers public areas, do precautionary measures and courtesy to yourself and to the community.

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