Tshirts are not popular because people want them or the media marketed them so hard. There are many reasons why these tees “loved” by many and should be incorporated in your manufacturing.

T-shirts should be simple – Too many details and illustrations make the tees look good but for a certain group of customers, but based on the researches and sales records from different companies, a minimalist design cloth lines grabs the majority. Both men and women, including seniors, love simple but elegant looking t-shirts. A font based illustrations or a small logo printing on the left side of the chest wins many hearts.

T-Shirts should be sturdy – a $35 tees won’t break the bank of many but it will surely break your sales because of bad reviews on social media. People wanted something that can last long. Your shirts should never fade (at least not easily) after a few laundries, dry wash and wears. The surface should not lose the thread when hitting a sharp object

Tshirts must be comfy – Good materials are always a priority in manufacturing but also, make sure the tees are comfortable enough for customers. People are different and you should consider each individual who has their own needs especially on their skin health. A t-shirt might have good quality and prints but not good if your customers have allergies. take some surveys, test, and feedbacks and see if the tees you are selling and the ink used are safe.

If you are looking for best tshirts, try the USA made tees.

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