In the time of the pandemic, COVID19 is still present around the world and has been infecting more people every hour. This is happening because we don’t have vaccines yet to kill the virus. While this unexpected, people should not rely on the front-liners, doctors, and scientists alone. We have to help ourselves and prevent the virus from spreading like wildfire. One possible way to resist the contagious disease is to wear a proper reusable mask every time you go outdoors.

With this method, either you prevent yourself from spreading the droplets when sneezing or coughing or blocking yourself otherwise from another person. The virus spreads through airborne and touching public surfaces like doorknobs, ATM keys, money, etc, so we must set strict precautions and disinfect whenever we can to slow the spread of COVID19 without being scared.

Reusable Mask Can Be Disinfected

A disposable mask is a useful tool nowadays but a reusable mask that can save you not only from bacteria or viruses but also from additional expenses. Though some scientist claims that reusable face mask is made with fabrics and pathogens or droplets can live on the cloth for longer than 8 up to 12 hours. That’s quite true… IF you don’t know how to properly disinfect, wash, and handle the mask from time to time.

Therefore, it is crucial to provide regular care on your protective cloth every time you use it outdoors.

How to Clean and Disinfect

Although it is time-consuming to wash your face mask every now and then, you should have at least more than 3 extra reusable masks on your shelves. Rotational use them so that you will have a fresh, clean mask ready to use every day.

Simply use an ordinary soap from our laundry area with bleach. Simple dry them with a machine or hang it under the sunlight. The ultra-violet sun rays will kill the remaining pathogens up to 99.9%, especially in the bright daylight. Expose your face masks at least 1 hour or more for guarantee. By the way, do not use alcohol to disinfect your protective cloth before wearing them. It will hurt your nose area and make you feel hard to breathe.

Other Things To Consider

Face mask is one of the ways to prevent the spreading but never forget to prioritize washing your hands.

Always check and sanitize your hand with water and soap if necessary or disinfectant gel before touching and wearing your mask. Do not touch it while wearing it. When removing the mask, hold the strings and take it off. Place it in a washing machine when you got home and never throw it somewhere carelessly. Then, wash your hands again.

Good habits will less likely contact with the virus.

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