This coming August, if you’re planning to make an authentic design to sell, then 24HourWristband is your friend. We have a lot of customizable t-shirts for every occasion and made in quality materials that make your item more durable even after many wash and iron.

But before you begin producing your product, there’s are some few points you need to take note. To avoid your investments lead to vain, there are fonts you must try and consider if these fonts are suitable before and after production.

  1. Montserrat – Clean and minimalist letters. If you are aiming for upper case sets of sentences and few spaces in between, then this is your first choice.
  2. Oswald – Quite slim and narrow looking but when printed with few illustrations, this font will stand out because of its simplicity and plain.
  3. Anton – with the use of this font around the internet for quite sometimes, Anton is outstanding when the design is curved and slant. The sentences will standout if capitalized with minimal spaces in between, added with small graphics that surely resonates with the impact.

There’s more font to experiment but these 3 are fundamentally tested and recommended by various artists and designers from around the world.

So, if you are ready to start to make your hands dirty then jump into the bandwagon and bring your imagination into life. Don’t worry, if you are unsure about your are making, then JUST DO IT and improvements will come afterward.

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