Although not FDA certified, the disposable mask primarily made to keep particles breathed out by the wearer against various air pollution. Not just viruses and bacteria from the air, but also at least from dust and molds everywhere. It covers the nose, mouth, and even our jaw against unwelcome effects caused by the current pandemic on our health, especially on our lungs. This trifocals face mask is lightweight and easy to breathe. It has three-layer folds to give our inhaling and exhaling more protection. It is made of non-woven fabric and filter layers to avoid allergies and unconventional kinds of skin irritations. Good for people with sensitive skin.

Where to Buy Face Mask

Because of the current production of face masks, these medical items cannot be purchased immediately in other states. So, we recommend you to visit our website, and order face masks with no difficulties. Comfortable and high-quality face masks.

Here’s the direct description from our website:

Throw Away Disposable Face Masks

Our 3-Ply Disposable face masks are manufactured from the non-woven fiber in three breathable layers. These disposable masks are comfortable to wear during outdoor traveling or exercising. The 3 ply non-woven masks can help lower down your risk from catching a cold or disease.

3-Ply Face Nose Covering Disposable

3-Ply face mask disposable is reasonable in prices and comes in 50 quantities to meet the needs of a larger number of people. Adjust the face strip according to your need and use one for personal daily use. Their breathable properties make it suitable for people of all ages to protect from smoke, dust, pollutant, ashes, debris, and residues. The ear hooks will keep them fitted without easily slipping off from the face. They come with prices for a big value and will meet daily civilian demands of construction workers, students, builders, cleaners, farmers, etc. Mechanical manufacturing workshops, catering services, schools, and construction sites can distribute 3 ply disposable masks to everyone.
Color: Light Blue
Size: Approx. 6.89 x 3.74 Inch
Material: Non-woven
Order Packaging: 10pcs per pack

Please note, this is NOT a medical rated mask and is meant for everyday civilian use. Our masks offer great daily basic protection but we would NEVER compromise access to medical rated masks for front-line workers.

Return Policy

For health and safety precautions, all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Products are not returnable and not refundable.

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