Hand sanitizers are very important in the current pandemic. Because of covid19, it can quickly disseminate and infect from person-to-person in contact or close distance due to airborne transmissions. Shake hands are often unavoidable when people are getting close to each other in public transports, talking too close, holding or touching surfaces in public areas, and holding public things like money.

Because our bodies need to be clean, washing our hands is an important way to keep us healthy. Medical experts recommended having strong habits of washing your hands with soap and water. A brilliant way to prevent illness or infected by an unidentified virus. But in reality, not all people have access to water when we are working. What about other people in the middle area where no soap and water accessible?

This is where hand sanitizers come in.

Because one reason for the transmission of microorganisms is by hand, Hand sanitizers can help to reduce the transmissions.

However, while it is not possible to replace the effective hand washing method with water, the use of hand sanitizers is essential. It’s convenient, portable/easy to carry and no soap and water needed to keep your hands clean wherever you are.

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