The guidelines must be followed carefully. The instructions are always available in a box on how to use the thermometer. It has a manufacturer’s instructions that fully provide its proper use.

Before getting the patient’s temperature, make sure:

  1. The forehead is clean, dry, and has no obstruction.
  2. Let the person cool down after staying outside in warm weather or a very cool environment.
  3. A person’s temperature should not be affected by warm/thick clothing and any hardcovers.
  4. The face should not undergo water rinse, facial wipes.
  5. Do not touch or block the front of the thermometer.
  6. Don’t get too close to the person.
  7. Hold it at a 90 degrees angle that focuses on the human head.

How to clean it?

We can clean the Infrared thermometer with a towel and a disinfectant liquid to remove bacteria. It should not be submerged in water, soaked in strong soap, and attached to magnets.

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