Can’t find to buy facemask in your leading store?

You can use Bandana to protect yourself against COVID19. It is easy to place and wash the cloth with common soap even with regular use. But before that, don’t neglect to observe and correctly apply the bandana to fight COVID 19. The proper way!

How to cover your face with the bandana?

  1. It should cover both sides of your face, particularly at your ear area
  2. It should be tied to your ear loops without compromising comfort
  3. Wear your bandana and fold it to create multiple layers. So that no tiny elements cannot pass through your nose easily
  4. Wash it every other day

Is this sufficient?

Bandana is sufficient if it is worn properly. Going to public places where social distancing has not progressed and rigorously observed, this will give significant protection against the virus. Be mindful before traveling to crowded places such as Grocery stores, wet markets, hospitals, and chiefly in regions with many cases of COVID19.

Even from our health directors, they are advising and encourage everyone to wear bandanas whenever you go out to prevent the spread of various diseases, specifically in today’s pandemic. Many people get along with each other, but asymptomatic or otherwise. We cannot identify who’s infected with COVID19 or not. Just a note, do not tighten the cloth around your face very tight. Especially to young children or toddlers, to avoid suppressing their breathing that might indeed cause casualties.

Lacking N-95 and disposable facemasks, the bandana is certainly helpful in today’s crisis caused by COVID19. Stay safe and wear one.

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