In 2004, the FDA announced a proposal to provide protective gear for nurses, doctors, and even “diener ” who works on the morgue. Because of the COVID19 pandemic, hospitals are overloaded with sick patients. Unfortunately, morgues and crematories are not excluded on heavy work load because many people are dying from the disease.

Heavy Duty Medical Gowns are required and necessary in clinics  and large hospitals because health workers should have protections at different levels. The spread of the virus is inevitable but it can be prevented in many ways.

  1. Have to wear medical gowns when visiting a patient with a deadly virus. Not only nurses and doctors but also families who want to visit their relatives.
  2. Doctors or nurses are obligated to wear medical gowns when working with a blood sample inside on any pathology lab.
  3. Protective gear is needed when dealing with a patient with an arterial blood draw. Especially in an emergency in an ICU because of a serious accident or fatal circumstances.
  4. The medical gown is necessary for nurses and surgeons before going for surgical operations.

Whatever name we call to medical gowns, it is essential that the health assurance group of a certain state will check if these gowns are reliable and durable. Because of the lives of our front-liners are at stake every day when facing COVID19.

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