People remember humor spots this April Fool’s Day when they work and when they don’t. That’s the problem. There are only two ways why they reacted to your ads: Either you will be recognized or you’re overlooked. Try writing funny lines on your customized items, then show it to someone who will be brutally honest to give an opinion. That probably rules out your best friends, employees, and close family! Only do the actual surveys on strangers from the street.

Whether you wrote a copy of jokes, found from the internet or someone did it for you, here’s how to rule out the bad jokes or not working at all. Ask yourself:

  1. Are the funny jokes to add on your customized items not offensive?
  2. Is there anything that offends or makes fun of the customer that caused humiliation instead of entertainment? 
  3. Did your customized items make fun of the competitor’s product/services product or its buyer?
  4. If you want your customer’s who are wearing or using your customized items to become the target of the joke’s mocking and ridicule, remember much good humor is built around a witty mind. 
  5. Am I asking the customers to identify with someone you’re making fun of from your items?
  6. Is your humor on the message you are presenting in good taste? When someone reads your message, will they behave with uncivilized and treat someone without respect?

Remember, you don’t just want humor to add on your items; you want likability. Spread laughs without downgrading someone or putting someone below the belt. Bring smiles without hurting yourself and someone. We should add humor on the customized items, but with humility of mind-set.

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