The price point and the level of quality will make a huge difference in your business. That combination defines your customized items’ success. This is an important reminder to everyone. We think of a high- value product as “something that costs more than it’s worth it.” Like smart phones, we witness that cost more than a $1000.xx.
Low quality at a low price can be a good value too, but in a different way.

Take a well-designed athletic jacket for kids, for example. If the young kid will outgrow a good jacket in just few months, why buy the more expensive wears that won’t wear out for years? That higher quality has no return for you. Your better value will be affordable customized jackets at a fair amount of quality.

Ease of switching customized items. How common is it for customers to substitute one product for another? If you’re out of wearables such as T-shirts, and the printing company you visit doesn’t carry your favorite quality and output, you will probably buy another customized items you’ve never heard of rather than nothing.

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