You’re looking for customized items to celebrate autism awareness this month, a design you can make and hold for years to come. Explore your points of difference from other items, whether expensive or affordable, by that comparison you will discover what matters most your advocacy leaves uncovered, and find where your opportunity lies.
You should consider these dimensions:

  1. Your Packaging. Is it prettier or simple? Is it more informative and can help autism? Does it appeal to a segment? The packaging of your customized items should speak louder than your voice. It should be useful among people who take care of autism.
  2. Form and function characteristics. These are performance attributes, such as reliability, speed, or ease for use. The customized item should be very useful among people.
  3. How’s your follow-through? People buy complicated products because of follow-up support or training. Can you add value by increasing your awareness here? For example, could you include free items for medical care with a purchase?
  4. The image-the ambiance, or cachet, you convey. How’s the appearance of your store or office? Are you taking part in your community in a way that enhances your public image? This is especially important to service businesses.
  5. Your Distribution. Are you everywhere your competitor appears? Or are you the local best-kept secret? Are your locations appropriate, convenient, and well known? Are timely in your delivery? Do you have what your customers want when they want it?

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