Positioning your customized items is about making your offering different from, and more valuable than, your competitors’ offerings and placing that idea in the minds of a target group of costumers. Customized items attract customers by creating a positive and unique identity for your company and its offerings. A great design too!
Positioning is vital for distinguishing your offering from everybody else’s.

In a world where there are more and more products and services every day, your customers are on advertising overload all the time. So they pick something to believe and hold that notion until a message breaks through and persuades them to change.

People can’t hold warring ideas in their heads. They can’t believe that the Norton Anthology is the best study guide for English literature, then study from a set of cliffs notes and believe they’re doing the best they can to pass their exams. They can’t believe that all paper towels are pretty much alike, buy one that costs more than most, and think they are wise shoppers. The point is, positioning is your effort to claim a high ground in that overloaded prospect’s head and hold it against competition.

There may be very little difference between your product and your competitors’ but if you can’t communicate uniqueness and connect it to a need of your target, you might as well quit fighting your competition and sell out to them, there are many ways to stake out a position. Just remember, your position reflects your unique selling proposition, and it is what makes your offering more valuable to your customers than what’s being offered by your competition.

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