Customized items such as can coolies, t-shirts, napkins, advertising round out your options in print media. This approach can be used ingeniously to reach geographically targeted markets with a high number of repeat exposures. Production is like that for other custom items ads basically, you assemble words and images into camera-ready art, but crafting the message is a little different. From a creative standpoint, treat outdoor advertising as you would in website banners.

Advertise your Customized Items in Your Banner: Short and Simple

You have only a few seconds with your viewers, and they’re doing something else, like browsing in social media, watching videos in YouTube, probably while you’re together. Your banners message must be direct. Keep the copy short, just a sentence, not a whole paragraph or a storyline. Customized items may be the medium of choice of complete messages, but it’s not the same doing in your website banners. Save your long words, be crafty, direct and simple on your your editorial ads.

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