Questions of the list aside, there are advantages and disadvantages to customized items for Christmas. Customized items produce easily measured results, since you know absolutely how many pieces were sold and distributed and how many people responded. Unlike other physical items and gift certificates, with their general circulation figures, customized items for Christmas day delivers no wasted money when you’ve properly selected your list. Because it’s the season for trade and sales.

Customized items can create quick sales boosts by delivering an “urgent” message. Coupons or other packaging in the items (accessories) pull even further than other ordinary gifts. Scheduling ads in a social networks or broadcast media to coincide with your promotion, when done right, can produce a real power-house campaign.

You lead the cost of customized items, but you can’t do it for nothing. When the costs of design, printing, lists, and postage are added, it’s tough to justify for the smaller business.

Information with news value specifying a product benefit, for instance-will be welcomed, as will a promotional offer with a guarantee of real savings. Sometimes an amusing or beautiful piece will satisfy the recipient’s need for value-it all depends on the business you’re in.

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