Effective customized items appear with a good christmas list. Shopping for the right list is the equivalent of choosing the appropriate shopping page like Amazon or social network for your message (for example, Instagram). You may have a good customer and prospect list that you’ve built as part of your ongoing operations.

Good for you! It could be your most valuable sales-generating asset. If you’ve got a database that records customer purchase behavior, such as seasonality and trends in repeat purchases, put it to use in customized items.

Create a promotional incentive program tailored to your marketing objectives, perhaps using coupons to stimulate add-on sales. Since these are your customers, you have a good idea what type of offer will push their buttons. You’ve got a money-making machine ready to roll.

If you have no list of your own, you will deal with list brokers to find a set of names that matches your target market.

You will describe a set of selection criteria-say, women between forty-five and fifty-five living in a four-county region who hold a driver’s license and have a college degree-and your list broker will do a trial sort and tell you that, for example, 9,720 names match that description.

He will then quote you a price per thousand that fits your budget.

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